First time making a decent student film, and Chris couldn’t stop clapping.

Chris Moreira first entered the Media Arts realm by taking classes in high school, and achieved success with a P.S.A. campaign for the Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving Organization. He directed the short, and our crew won 1st prize in the 2009 competition open to all Ontario students between ages 16-18. He also won his school’s “Effective Communicator” award; given to a student who displayed prowess communicating a message via a multimedia format.

The RuhTuhTuh’s at the Toronto Youth Shorts 24 Hour Film Challenge Q&A for “On the Same Page” (2011).

In university, he attended the first ever class of the Film & Media Production Degree at Humber College, graduating in 2013. Although originally pursuing a career in editing, guidance from his peers developed a leaning towards ambitious storytelling through the film medium. While still an editor at heart, his future plans involve writing for film and television, and directing any story he can.

The “Life with Lupus” (2012) Crew.

In 2012, Chris edited the documentary, “Life with Lupus”. This film was a smash hit at many North American film festivals, including 1st place at the “My Hero” festival in California, and being the lone, Canadian finalist in the One Cloud Online Film Festival.

Chris wrote the story for Kane Miller’s music video, “Nightmare”. You can also see him here as a 1st AD with a purple shirt.

Chris has written, directed, and edited several works in his time pursuing film; most of which are comedic and involve the plight of the little guy. Credits include “The Ticket”, “Buddy”, “Casualties”, and “Leaving a Pretty Corpse”, which was apart of the Official selection of student shorts at the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival of 2011. Chris is currently directing the short film “Sweet Something”, which is slated for a Spring of 2013 release.

And here he is directing “Sweet Something” (2013). Coming soon!


Chris Moreira’s Filmography.


“Sweet Something”.

Director, Writer.

A recently split pair of lovers defend each other against a mugger in a modest coffee shop, while learning to live apart.

 “The Muted”.

1st Assistant Director.

One man, silenced by his government in a world where nobody can speak, does what he can to start a revolution.


“Life with Lupus”.

Picture Editor, 2nd Camera Operator.

A young dancer grows with her sisters while caring for her sick mother.

“Nightmare” – Kane Miller Music Video.

Story Writer, 1st Assistant Director.

A bored worker seeks validation through an imaginary world made of paper.



Director, Writer, Picture Editor.

College short about a man who loses his one decent chance at love to an ex-boyfriend of hers.

“Dear Donna”.

Camera Operator.

A man attempts to forget the one phone call he never picked up.

“On the Same Page”.

Co-Director, Co-Writer.

A woman reminisces of all the signs of her failing relationship with a struggling author.

“One Night”.


A ruined ballplayer comes home drunk to find his brother and his lover in his home, and his wife missing.

“Cassandra” – Unofficial Music Video.

Co-Director, Story Writer.

Unofficial music video for the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Take Me Down”. A lonely scientist builds a robot daughter and learns the true meaning of humanity.


Picture Editor, Sound Designer, 2nd Camera Operator.

A kidnapping victim is forced to play in a game of life or death over a chess board.


“The Experiment”.

Director, Writer, Editor.

Two broke roommates sign-up for experimental drug testing, with un-deadly results.

“The Ticket”.

Co-Director, Picture Editor, Sound Designer.

A lottery ticket between friends results in a deadly gamble.

“Leaving a Pretty Corpse”.

Director, Writer, Picture Editor, Sound Designer.

A sad, sad man seeks the help of his childhood deaf-mute best friend to kill himself.

“Filbert & Huffington: Attorneys at Law”.

Writer, Picture Editor.

Parody of late-night lawyer commercials, in which two lawyers deal exclusively in frivolous lawsuits.


“Own Things”.

Picture Editor.

A young couple heading separate ways in their chosen careers miss one another.

Award Winning “O.S.A.I.D. PSA”.

Director, Picture Editor, Sound Designer.

When the party gets bumping and a particularly drunk partygoer decides to drive home, his friend steps up and keeps him safe.

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